Taber International uses the Griffin Open Systems™ Toolkit, a graphical based programming toolkit for developing applications. The toolkit allows non programmers to develop logic, involving traditional if, then, when (and other expert system like logic) conditions and combine them with models and optimizers for: tuning a power plant operations, the distribution of power, power flow, power pricing.  The models in turn may be used to diagnose conditions in particular equipment, leading equipment to be automatically bypassed or turn-off.   The programming toolkit may connect directly to a DCS or through data bases such as OPC servers or an industry data base as offered by OSI PI.  The communication may allow the altering of any number of parameters in a control system, (e.g. a DCS or PLC system), including, actual control setting, bias to a control setting, gain, gain adjustments, ramp rates, On/Off, quality status, etc.

Applications that Taber International may implement for you include, but are not limited to: