Knowledge Based Sootblowing

Taber uses the Griffin Open Systems Toolkit® (Griffin) to implement a Knowledge based Sootblowing (KSB) as known as Intelligent Soothblowing (ISB). With the KSB system, we focus on cleaning based on T, P, deltaT, deltaP and other base signals. This avoids a lot of effort  associated with assuring calculations are correct and then having the calculations disabled by bad data.

The system is configured with min and max time for blowers to operate. Every 15 seconds or so (user determined) the Taber version of KSB first checks to see if a sootblowing slot is open (i.e. if your maximum is 2 blowers and 2 blowers are active, exit and check again in 15 seconds). If a slot is open, evaluate each and every blower with regards to any triggers (e.g. RH T is low), approaching or exceeding maximum time since last blow, effectiveness of blower (based on time weighted average to data observed) and ranking them. These parameters can be dynamic (e.g. RH blowers may get their ranking factor bumped faster than economizer blowers, as they approach the time limit). Note, Griffin is very fast and normally completes the total evaluation in well under 1 second.

All parameters are available through simple tuning screens (similar to the one’s shown for combustion optimization) and the logic is simply displayed in the Griffin GUI where you can view the active logic. Because all logic is exposed to the user, you have complete control over the system going forward and are not dependent on the supplier to make changes.

We also like to add tracking statistics, such as, how often blowers are activated, reason blowers were activated (e.g. time limit, T limit, deltaP approach, etc.), which help the user further tune the system.

Preferred implementation is through an OPC type server where we write a blower ID and activation signal as if we were an operator initiating a manual blow. We prefer to keep the existing in place, and add only a pushbutton on the existing SB screen to active Griffin control. We are flexible though to work with most any configuration.

For Users with a Griffin corporate license, there are no additional license fees and no repeat deployment fees of Taber developed logic. Single unit pricing available, along with low risk demonstration projects for first time buyers.