Taber is the cutting-edge of efficiency and operational improvement capabilities for power generation and other process industries. Using advanced artificial intelligence together with expert knowledge capture, Taber develops tailor-made applications for each process and objective within the Griffin AI Toolkit no-code software platform. Visual programming and on-the-fly updates allow rapid prototyping and effective applications to be developed in minimal time. See this process in action in the clip below.

Taber’s services are applicable across a variety of industries. Any system or process with inputs and outputs has the potential for greater understanding and realizing real-time improvements through the combined artificial intelligence and expert knowledge optimization approach. Taber offers customized development of optimization applications, process efficiency consulting, and engineer workflow automation. Beyond process control, Taber’s specialists range in expertise from chemical and nuclear engineering to aerospace and mechanical applications. 50+ years of process optimization experience combined with site ownership and collaboration is a proven model for achieving rapid and meaningful benefits.

Hyperbolic Cooling Towers

Serving our clients and customers is the core of all that Taber does. Helping them to achieve their goals and improve their processes and systems through data intelligence and smart automation is how we forge the strong relationships that we pride ourselves in. Continuing to support and assist clients and customers as they adapt to changing environments is how we become recognized as the trusted resource throughout the digitalization process and beyond.

Through the company’s 50+ years of combined experience, we have developed numerous specialized systems for a variety of customers and objectives. Our services have proven results of increasing operating efficiency, decreasing emissions and reject product, and saving countless man-hours and additional effort.

Click the topics below to learn more about our customized solutions in each area.

NOx reduction through optimization
intelligent sootblowing improved temperature control
powdered activated carbon and mercury improvement
reduced loss dynamic hydrogen pressure
hydrogen purity generator efficiency
power savings optimized cooling tower
tube leak identification and maintenance
engineering dashboard and automated reporting


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