About Taber

Taber International, LLC was established in 2006 to serve the process community with engineering expertise using an open & honest approach and intuitive & transparent system. Since then, Taber has been a leader in the field of combustion optimization and advanced process control. Together with Griffin Open Systems, Taber focuses on creating next-generation software and optimization applications targeted to the utility industry using an open systems business model, allowing for rapid inclusion of great ideas and practices, regardless of source. Through collaboration with academic universities and the U.S. Department of Energy, Taber is the cutting-edge of efficiency and operational improvement capabilities for power generation and other process industries. Today, we at Taber continue to pride ourselves in providing exceptional quality optimization solutions realizing top-level performance customized to the unique needs of each application, process, and customer.

Taber’s optimization system deployments within the Griffin AI Toolkit™ repeatedly realize multiple system-wide benefits, all in real-time through closed-loop control. All that’s needed is activation by an operator, and the system automatically does the rest, adapting to the changing conditions of each moment to make the system run the best it can. 100% of our 40+ installations are still in active use reflecting high customer satisfaction.

Common observations include sustained efficiency improvements of 0.7%, emission rate reductions of 20 – 30% or more, and overall system consistency and reliability benefits. Further, systems outside of the combustion process can benefit from optimized process control. Cooling towers have been made to run 5% more efficiently, steel mill product quality control improved, and many other processes enhanced. ANY process with inputs and outputs can benefit from Taber’s optimization applications to more effectively achieve key process objectives.

Meet our CTO!

Taber has a new CTO and Managing Partner, Dr. Jacob Tuttle! Jake has been a part of our team for many years, working to develop some of our latest optimization applications and capabilities, and as of January 2022, is in charge of all technical and company operations activities. We are excited for the future with Dr. Tuttle at the helm as Taber continues to provide the highest quality systems and services to our existing customers and applications and also as we expand into other process industries!

A Brief Message from Jake

I have been involved in applied artificial intelligence, optimization, and transforming the process industry throughout my career. As the new CTO and Managing Partner of Taber International, I believe that dedication, hard work, and passion are the pillars of transformation, growth, and success at all levels and I will strive to bring this to every facet of my work and the work of this great company.

I’ve spent many years at numerous plant and processing sites, research facilities, and academic institutions, and I’ve seen how crucial it is for the success of any project, large or small, that the team and efforts operate in an environment of trust and meaningful contribution. The advanced systems and services we provide are truly successful when they not only realize consistent process improvements, but they do so while making the user’s operators’, engineers’, and managers’ lives easier and more productive. We take tremendous pride in developing long-standing relationships with all those we interact with, and in being considered a resource by them to turn to where they can receive help with any process and system challenges they face.

Taber will continue to provide this same level of dedication, attention, and honesty as we support our current friends and users for decades to come, and as we develop new relationships across all process industries and engineering fields. Let me personally say, thank you for visiting today and I look forward to meeting you and working together for years to come.

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