Use Griffin AI to implement a combustion optimization system (COS) customized to your plant operations.


NOx reduction

  • Reduction in NOx of 10- 40% with a wide variety of equipment.
  • With or without Low NOx burners
  • With or without OFA
  • Works in concert with SCR or SNCR’s

Using the Griffin COS, T-Fired units are capable of achieving

Heat Rate Improvement

A typical unit implementing the Griffin COS for Heat Rate improvement will see a 0.4% to 0.7% reduction in coal consumption. The systems improves the heat rate through lower controllable losses with improved control over key parameters, lower average O2 and lower aux power usage.

Control and Lower CIA

Through better control of the combustion process and building models correlating combustion changes to carbon in ash, the user can better control the carbon content and reap significant benefits through additional sales of ash.
High Availability – The Griffin Toolkit is designed with reliability as a key feature. The Graphical Programming Environment (GPE) does not require recompiling to make any program changes, so continuous operation of the system is maintained even when tuning, testing or modifying a system.
Easy Customization, Low Maintenance – The Griffin COS is configured through a series of user tuning screens and an easy to use Graphical Programming Environment (GPE). No programming is required and there are no ‘black-box’ components. The end-user operators and engineers can easily modify the system over time to meet changing objectives and conditions.
Quick and Cost Effective Installation – The Griffin COS is designed to provide the maximum benefit without requiring expensive new equipment, sensors or time consuming calculations. The system quickly integrates with existing open DCS systems. Generally, one customized screen on the DCS, along with the ability of the DCS to accept bias signals from the computer running Griffin, is all that is needed.

System Overview

  • Provides templates for fine tuning air and fuel control at fossil fueled fired power plants.
  • Operates in real-time to control bias settings in response to fuel and equipment changes.
  • Enables retuning of linear and non-linear models as the unit characteristics change over time.
  • Captures best practices of operators and engineers.
  • Uses easy to program logic to monitor conditions for alarm prevention.
  • Optimizes to improve both NOx and Heat Rate (and other parameters such as CO) simultaneously, up until tradeoffs are required.
  • Visual programming environment allows engineers and operators to easily tune the system.
  • Real-time features permit testing logic changes in real-time without any compilation of code or rebooting of computers.
  • Provide real-time feedback on tuning logic being executed. The graph below shows logic pipes highlighting active logic paths with the current values displayed below the logics blocks. This updates every execution cycle of the program.




  • 3D Graphics for displaying relationships among variables.
  • Analyzes your models to identify correlations and multi-dimensional relationships.
  • GPE allows users complete access to all logic and tuning.
  • Easily integrates multiple applications, such as sootblowing and mill diagnostics.


Results show a 10% or greater reduction in NOx versus existing optimizers.

Systems without previous optimization should experience results in the 10% to 40% reduction range.

Implementation – Projects

  • Communication between the Griffin computer is generally an OPC type server, though PI links are an option
  • Most units can be up and running within a few weeks after I/O changes to the DCS that accept bias values from the Griffin computer have been made.
  • Additional tuning, model training/retraining and customized logic development may take another 4 to 10 weeks depending on unit complexity and combustion dynamics.
  • Training provided for operators and engineers.

Commercial Note

Users with a Griffin corporate license incur no repeat license fees and no repeat deployment fees of Griffin or Taber Intl. developed logic. Single unit pricing is available. Low risk demonstration projects are also available for first time buyers.

Computer Hardware

The Griffin Toolkit can run on a wide variety of platforms, and all recent Windows operating systems (XP and later). Here is a typical server configuration for running Combustion Optimization.
21” monitor (dual monitor is best).


For more information, please contact:
Brad Radl, Taber International, LLC