Engineer Workflow

Your time is extremely valuable, as are your knowledge and capabilities. Far too often the most skilled people find themselves buried in mundane tasks like compiling reports and reviewing data, not fully utilizing their strengths to enhance processes and identify meaningful insights.

Taber International can automate many of your daily, mundane, data-related tasks, liberating your time to be spent on making impactful decisions and initiating system improvements. Using real-time process data connections, Griffin’s powerful AI platform does all the data analysis, report compilation, and optimization of resources in a single click. View system performance and explore deeper insights in real-time on a personalized dashboard. By pinpointing what is really going on with your system, you have the capability to significantly improve every aspect of your workflow and ultimately save countless hours and likely significant dollars through better understanding of unit and equipment conditions.

Each engineer’s day-to-day and responsibilities are unique, so Taber works directly with you to develop workflow automation that’s completely customized to your interests, needs, and objectives. In less than one week, your personalized dashboard and automated reports can be developed and ready to use, saving you countless hours and effort on your next report preparation and meeting discussion material.

Call us today and in a few minutes, start saving hours and making more impactful findings and reports!


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